Co-operation project

The course is a European co-operation project in social and cultural sciences in the context of the so-called Bologna process.

  • Representation of four generations of EU member states, with specific cultures in national university systems and higher education.
  • Exchange between students and teaching staff as well as the emerging joint conceptual debate already has contributed to deepening European co-operation in higher education among the applicants. The emergence of a common European space for higher education has already become a reality and an inter-cultural learning process for those involved.
  • Integration of universities in East and Central Europe into European networks of training and research. The coordination role of one of the universities in Germany's new federal states, Saxonia, is facilitated by the traditional orientation of the University of Leipzig in international co-operation, particularly also with countries form Eastern and Central Europe, and is in itself a contribution to the emergence of a university landscape which has been transformed only recently.

The participation of four different universities in the Master course 'Global Studies - a European Perspective', with all their different associations to non-European spaces, East and Southern Europe as well as Western Europe seems particularly suited to support the enlargement of the EU in the area of higher education.