Living in Wrocław

Here you can download the guidebook for international students living in or planning to come to Wroclaw. Divided into three chapters, it provides you with information about Poland, the University of Wroclaw and students' life in Wroclaw.

The Poland Kit gives you introductory information about Poland. You will find an overview about Polish history, the political and economical situation as well as media, general information concerning visa, health care, and safety issues and means of transportation and communication. In addition to a small introduction to Polish culture you can get a first impression of Polish cuisine and language.

The University Kit gives you an overview over the structure of the University of Wroclaw, including practical information concerning international cooperation and exchange programs.

The Wroclaw Kit gives you useful advise for your stay in Wroclaw, such as issues concerning accommodation and means of transportation. Find out where to go for dinner and where to spend your evenings. In addition to that the the Kit provides you with information about leisure time activities such as recreation and cultural life.

Download Jungle Book [PDF, 2.9 MB] or visit its website.