Master Seminar

General Information
Number of Hours: 
Monday 8:30 - 10:00
Preliminary requirements: 

MA thesis written under my supervision have to concern:  political/social/cultural aspects of  global and regional problems, governance, security, the EU and European integration in the context of international relations; foreign policy of states; area studies ( political events and processes in various regions of the world).

Language skills: English - sufficient to read, talk and write in it. Preliminary conceptualisation and  an outline of the master thesis as a result of the previous semester.

Course Description: 

1. Process of developing a research concept

2. Final bibliography and its reading

3. Evaluation of the first results of writing

Aims of the course: 

W1. Student expresses considered  and critical opinions on international relations

W2. Student makes multidimensional analysis of research problems

W3. Student chooses the proper methods and theoretical approaches for her/his research.


U1. Student applies theoretical approaches in her/his analyses.

U2. Student builds her/his concepts using research methods

U3. Student corrects her/his research concepts in the light of new information


K1. Student  monitors international relations and is opened for new ideas.

K2. Student  modifies a structure of  her/his thesis with progress of research.

K3. Student integrates knowledge, skills and values during her/his writing.


Teaching methods: 

Seminar – individual consultations

Evaluation & Completion: 

Following progress in research and completing MA thesis:

By the end of winter semester (2nd year) students should at least: complete one chapter

Basic Literature: 

This will vary and is dependent upon  the particular MA topic chosen.

Additional Literature: 

 On research itself ( this list is only indicative):

Box-Steffensmeier Janet M., Henry E. Brady and David Collier (eds.), The Oxford handbook of political methodology,Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Landman Todd, Issues and methods in comparative politics : an introduction, London, New York : Routledge, 2008.

O'Leary Z., The Essential Guide to Doing your research project, Sage Publications, London 2010

Marsh D., Stoker G. (eds), Theory and Methods in Political Science, Palgrave, London 2002