Master Seminar

General Information
Since the 8th week of the semester at 10.15
Number of Hours: 
Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00
Preliminary requirements: 

MA thesis written under my supervision have to concern: political/social/cultural aspects of global and regional problems, governance, security, the EU and European integration in the context of international relations; foreign policy of states; area studies ( political events and processes in various regions of the world).

Language skills: English - sufficient to read, talk and write in it.

Course Description: 

1.Introdution/refreshing problems of research methodology, methods, procedures and techniques

2. Individual work on the particular topics chosen by students for their MA thesis.

Aims of the course: 

W1. Student expresses considered opinions on the international relations


W2. Student analysis of the multidimensional interconnections amongst different participants of the international relations


W3. Student chooses the proper methods and theoretical approaches for her/his research.


W4. Student recognises most crucial research problems in the area of global studies


U1. Student understands international politics, its theoretical, ideological and pragmatic complications.


U2. Student builds concepts on the international relations and proposes research problems


U3. Student develops skills to discuss international problems


U4. Student corrects her/his research concepts in the light of new information.


K1. Student follows international relations and provokes discussion on them.

K2. Student proposes solutions concerning global and regional challenges of the contemporary world.


K3. Student verifies her/his opinions after debates with other students.



Evaluation & Completion: 

Following progress in research and completing MA thesis:

By the end of winter semester ( 1st year) students should have: A topic for research; associated with their research questions and/or hypothesis.

Basic Literature: 

On research itself ( this list is only indicative):

Box-Steffensmeier Janet M., Henry E. Brady and David Collier (eds.), The Oxford handbook of political methodology,Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Landman Todd, Issues and methods in comparative politics : an introduction, London, New York : Routledge, 2008.

O'Leary Z., The Essential Guide to Doing your research project, Sage Publications, London 2010

Marsh D., Stoker G. (eds), Theory and Methods in Political Science, Palgrave, London 2002