News and Events

  • 2015/10/18 - 23:10

    There were some minor changes to the room numbers for some classes. Please check the attached schedules in case it affects your courses. 

  • 2015/10/11 - 17:52


    Dear Students,

    the Institute of International Studies in cooperation with McKinsay Knowledge Center invites all interested students to interact with us and learn about Analyst role. 

    WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: >Introduction to McKinsey work >Tools and techniques of effective Analysts and Consultants >A day in the life of an Analyst >Q&A session over snacks and soft drinks 

    WHERE WE MEET: Room 101// International Relations Institute// University of Wrocław Koszarowe Street 3 

  • 2015/10/10 - 12:12

    The Democracy and the Global Condition: Perspectives and Challenges workshop will take place from November 16th to November 20th. A detailed schedule will follow.

  • 2015/10/06 - 09:28


    We would like to inform you that the orientation's day of the winter semester 2015/2016 in our Library will be held on Thursday, 22nd October 2015, from 9.00-10.30 a.m. (in the reading room in the Library of the Faculty of Social Sciences, 2nd floor, building next to the Dean's Office).

    During this meeting you will be provided with very useful information about sources of our Library and in particular about the access to the electronic database. 

  • 2015/10/04 - 21:02

    Current course schedules (including room numbers) are attached. Please note that there are two separate files for year 1 and year 2 of the Master in International Relations studies.

    The Erasmus Mundus Global Studies and Erasmus+ students should consult both files to find their selected courses.

    You can also check room numbers via the course selection page on your account.

  • 2015/09/21 - 23:28

    You can now download the proof of enrolment directly from your account.

    The links are located in the right column on your account page.

    If you personal data is not correct, please correct them here: and redownload the document.

  • 2015/09/14 - 10:39

    Log in to your account, fill out some personal data if necessary and you will be able to select courses for the winter term 2015/2016.

    Please note that obligatory courses have already been assigned to International Relations Master students.

    For strictly technical issues (passwords, website errors), please contact dr Rafał Próchniak at

    For questions regarding ECTS points and limits, seminars and schedule, please contact your program coordinators.

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  • 2015/06/15 - 14:00

    Dear Students,

    By the Monday June 15, all the teachers have to mark your grades for seminars in the USOS system. Your obligation is to log in to your USOS account within the next three days and check if you have received a grade for all of your courses.