Secret Services and International Relations

General Information
Number of Hours: 
Wednesday 15:45 - 17:15
Preliminary requirements: 

- Interested  in National and International Security

- Interested  in the role of Secret Services in different Political Systems

- Interested in Tasks and  Methods of Secret Services

- Interested in  USA Secret Servuces (NSA) and in the case of Mr. Edward Snowden

Course Description: 


1.  A Introduction in History of Secret Services in 19./20. Century

2.  B  Secret Services in Democracies

3.  C. Secret Services in 21. Century.


1. Introduction in the topic and in the program of the seminar by the lecturer;

2. Organization and distribution of the forthcoming   presentations of the students  by the lecturer;

3. Supervision of presentations of the students, based on Text analysis, case studies and of the following seminar-discussions by the lecturer;

Aims of the course: 

National/International Security and Secret Services in  History;

Political Systems and Secret Services;

Secret Services and Technological Surveillance and espionage capabilities

NSA and the case of Mr. Snowden


Ability to analyze the Role of Secret Services

Ability to compare  National Secret Services

Ability to qualify methods of Secret Services

Ability to critical reflection of Secret Services in Democracies


Learning Responsibility, Tolerance,  Respect of Diversity;

Ability to Teamwork

Teaching methods: 
  1. Lecture with introduction and  presentation of  theories and follwing discussions;
  2. Supervised Seminar with the combination of textanalysis, case studies and Paper- or Powerpoint presentation of students and following discussion
Evaluation & Completion: 
  1. Constant presence in teaching hours;
  2. Participation in discussions;
  3. Presentation (Paper or Powerpoint) of  one topic of  I.R Studies;Time :20 minutes;
  4. Oral Exam on one topic of I.R.Studies; Time 20 minutes –  Five Questions;
  5. An  Essay on one topic of I.R.Studies (15 pages including front page, index and list of literatur)

Students can decide what they prefer, Oral exam or Essay.

Basic Literature: 

F. Dvornik: Origines of Intelligence Services, 1974

V. Foertsch: The influence of  Intelligence Services on Political Decision Making, 2010

M. Herman: Intelligence Services in the Information Age, 2009

T. Powers: Intelligence Wars.  2002

G.F. Treverten: Intelligence for an Age of Terror, 2009

A.B.Zegart:Spying Blind. CIA, FBI and the Origins of 9/11, 2007

International Press Compendium: Articles on NSA and the case of Mr. Edward Snowden, 2013