Internet Media Analytics and Research

General Information
Number of Hours: 
Tuesday 11:30 - 13:00
Course Description: 

The course focuses on practical approaches to improving professional capabilities to develop and implement successful solutions for traditional and social media. Students will test new analytical tools for social media and dedicated software and do traditional content analysis of media. Strategies for building social media research will be discussed. 

1. Introduction - discussion of classes, literature, forms of credit, purpose of classes; project overview; research institutions in Poland and abroad; Typology of media research (quantitative and qualitative); typology of media data

2. Content analysis as main media research methods – introduction; main features; review of research; Teamwork: Organization of research project: a primary query, research subject

3. Teamwork: Creation of the codebook; creating the database

4. Preliminary data mining (work with MS Excel/Google spreadsheet)

5. Teamwork: finishing the data collection and data mining (work with MS Excel/ Google spreadsheet)

6. Internet research – review of the analytical tools - workshop

7. Analysis of Twitter – automated research and reports – workshop/individual project

8. Analysis of Facebook - automated research and reports - workshop/individual project

9. Analysis of internet’s content - power of media monitoring internet tools – workshop - workshop/individual project

10. Results presentation

Aims of the course: 

The aim of the workshop is using empirical findings, methodological papers, and theoretical and conceptual insights related to data mining in the field of various application areas. Students will work in a team and under a press of time.

Evaluation & Completion: 

1. the presence and active participation in classes - one absence is allowed;

2. participation in work on a team research project and development of a codebook

3. performing independent exercises using the chosen analytical tools (content analysis - FB and Twitter)

Task 1 - 0.5-1 points (minimum 0.5)

Task 2 - 1- 2 points (min 1)

Task 3 - 1-2 points (min 1)

A grade “3.0” since 2.5 points while maintaining the minimum number of points for each task.

Basic Literature: 

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2. Riffe, D., Lact, S., Fico, F. (2005), Analyzing Media Messages. Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research, New Jersey: LEA.

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