Hybrid and Transnational Threats in Euroatlantic and IndoPacific regions

General Information
Number of Hours: 
Monday 11:30 - 13:00
Preliminary requirements: 

Basic knowledge of the  international political relations and armed conflicts (interstate as well as intrastate ). Basic knowledge of military terms and definitions is recommended, but is not a formal requirement.

Course Description: 

Hybrid warfare. Transnational Threats.

Covert Operations.

disinformation operations. 

Russian Hybrid warfare. Russia unconventional assests. 

Space Warfare. 

USA – China possible scenarios. 

Strategic Surprise. 

Water, natural resources, migration.

Russia – Ukraine/Crimea Case. Arctic. 

Hybrid Warfare in the Baltics – potential threats. 

Other Cases: Libya, Syria. Kashmir,

Aims of the course: 

Knowledge about evolution of hybrid and transnational threats in Euroatlantic and Indopacific region.

Teaching methods: 

Group Presentations/briefings

Exercises Activity

Writing an essay

Basic Literature: 

Yergin D., The New Map,2020

Devisha K., Putin’s Kleptocracy, 2014

Mahbubani K., Has China Won? 2020