Global Energy Problems

General Information
dr Marcin Koczan
Number of Hours: 
Tuesday 13:45 - 15:15
Preliminary requirements: 

Basic knowledge about energy issue, political geography and international political relations

Course Description: 
  1. Introduction
  2. Fossil fuels and environmental changes
  3. Renewable energy resources
  4. Global energy markets  
Aims of the course: 

Student knows main issues of  global energy problems.

Student knows current political and economic situation in regions substantial in fossil fuels.

Student can recognizes current trends in global energy market.


Student is able to plan various scenario of main energy problems.

Student present factors which influence on global energy markets.

Student is able to describe correlation between energy production and environmental changes.


Student can interpret current political and economic situation in global energy markets.

Student identifies the correlation between economic and political aspects of energy problems.

Teaching methods: 

multimedia presentations, text analysis, discussions, case studies, work in groups, presentation.

Evaluation & Completion: 

Active participation in the discussions, semester test, presentation.

Basic Literature: 
  1. 2013 World Energy Issues Monitor
  2. A. Łoskot-Strachota, Too high and too law: The problems with energy prices in the UE, Warsaw 2013.
  3. G. Davis, Introduction to global energy issue, Boston 2008.
  4. B. Shaffer, Energy politics, Pennsylvania 2009.
  5. V. Quaschning, Renawable Energy and Climat change,
Additional Literature: 
  1. R.U Ayres, E.H. Ayres, Crossing the energy divide. Moving from fossil fuel dependence to a clean-energy future,
  2. V. Nelson, Wind energy. Renewable Energy and the Environment.
  3. J. Tester, E. Drake, Sustainable Energy. Choosing among options.