Foreign Policy of the European Union and Member States

General Information
Lecture and workshop
dr Piotr Nowak
Number of Hours: 
Monday 17:00 - 20:15
Preliminary requirements: 

Basic knowledge in the field of humanities and international relations

Course Description: 


-             Introduction to foreign policy analysis: approaches, models, technics and methods; 

-             Europeanisation of foreign policy – theoretical framework of analysis  

-             Foreign Policy of selected Member States (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland Italy, Spain, Foreign Policy of V4 (Czech Republic Hungary  and Slovakia). 


European integration as an evolutionary process: most important events and processes which led to the intuitional development of the organization; supranationality vs. intergovernmentalism in the context of Europeanisation of foreign policy; 

-             EU’s foreign policy legal basis, objectives, instruments. Institutionalization of EU foreign policy; 

-             European External Action Service – EU Diplomatic corps. Legal basis, structure, competencies 

-             European Neighbourhood Policy. General overview; philosophy and methodology of work, main directions and goals; Achievements and failures 

-             EU energy policy (external dimension); 

EU development policy and humanitarian aid; 

Aims of the course: 

- Presentation of the possible theoretical framework for foreign policy analisys 

- description and analysis of the dynamic of the of EU and Member States foreign policy 

- analysis of processes and events shaping the foreign policy in the EU 

Teaching methods: 

Academic lecture, seminar, text analysis, discussion, case studies analysis, work in groups, presentation, paper

Evaluation & Completion: 


- oral examination,


- mini-test 

- oral presentation (individual or group), 

Basic Literature: 
  • F. Bindi [ed.], The Foreign Policy of the European Union. Assessing Europe’s Role in the World, pp. 13-40,  
  • J. Dyduch, M. Klimowicz, M. Michalewska-Pawlak, Selected Policies of the European Union Evolution in the Context of the Treaty of Lisbon and the Europe 2020 Strategy, Oficyna Wydawnicza ASPRA.


  • J. Dyduch, Europeanization of the Energy Policy within the European Union’s System of Governance (chapter 10), [w:] P. Stanek, K. Wach (eds.), “Europeanization Processes from the Mesoeconomic Perspective: Industries and Policies”, Cracow University of Economics, Krakow 2015, s. 193-219.
  • S. Keuleleire, T. Delreux, The Foreign Policy of the European Union, Palgrave Macmillan, 2nd edition
  • A. Hadfield, I. Manners, R. G. Whitman [ed.], Foreign Policies of EU Member States, Continuity and Europeanisation, Routledge, 2017.