UWr. e-mail and USOS login procedure

Dear Students,

Please see below an instruction to log in to your University of Wrocław e-mail account (powered by Office 365) and your USOS account.

1) To log into your university e-mail address, please visithttps://login.microsoftonline.com/ and enter your username. Your username consists of your indeks/album number (6 digit number) and domain @uwr.edu.pl (eg.123456@uwr.edu.pl). Use an option "reset password" to receive a new password on your e-mail address (the one you have used in the process of admission. 

2) To start using your USOS account please visit website:https://login.uni.wroc.pl/cas/login 
Your login is your 6-digit indeks/album number. Please use an option "forgotten password". You will receive you new password on your University of Wrocław e-mail account. In case of any problems please contact UWr. IT section onhelpdesk@uwr.edu.pl