European Union in Deep Crisis? The rise of Anti-EU populist/extremist parties and movements

General Information
Number of Hours: 
Thursday 13:45 - 15:15
Preliminary requirements: 

- Interest in European Union and European Integration

- Interest in Reasons of Contemporary Crisis and Challences of EU

- Interest in Political Parties in European Parliament

- Interest in Analysation of National Anti-EU populist/extremist Parties and Movements

Course Description: 

1.Introduction : Methods of historical and structural l analysis;

2.Introduction: History of European Integration

3.Introduction : Theories of Crisis

4.Introduction: Analysis of Political Populism and Extremism

4.Advice and organization of students preparations and presentations

5. Management of discussions

Aims of the course: 

W1. History of European Union and European Integration

W2. Structure and Parties of European Parliament

W3. Analysis of Contemporary Crisis

W4. Analyses of National Anti-EU Populist Parties and Movements

U1. Ability to historical analysis of European Integration

U2 Ability to compare and qualify Political interests of Parties in European Parliament 

U3. Ability to identify and qualify National Anti-EU Populist/Extremist Parties

K1. Learning Responsibility, Tolerance, Respect of Diversity;

K2. Ability to Teamwork

Teaching methods: 

Introduction of the Topic and presentation of the seminarprogram

Supervised Seminar with the combination of textanalysis, case studies and Paper- or Powerpoint presentation of students and following discussion

Evaluation & Completion: 
  1. Constant p resence in teaching hours;

  2. Participation in discussions;

  3. Presentation (Paper or Powerpoint) of one topic :20 minutes;

  4. Oral Exam on one topic ; Time 20 minutes – Five Questions;

  5. An Essay on one topic of I.R.Studies (15 pages including front page, index and list of literatur)

Students can decide what they prefer, Oral exam or Essay.

Basic Literature: 

The official EU-Website

- Institutions, Bodies, History etc.

-European Parliament

- Documents and Publications


Migrant and Refugee Crisis in Europe; www.unicef

Populism in Europe;

Articles/Reports on Populistic Parties in Germany, France; UK, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Netherland, Spain etc: