American Foreign Policy

General Information
Classes start on 26 March
dr hab. Renata Duda
Number of Hours: 
Tuesday 9:45 - 11:15
Preliminary requirements: 

The general knowledge about the modern history and current political, economical and social issues in the global politics is recomended. 

Course Description: 

Introduction. The theory of the American Foreign Policy. What are the sources of American Foreign Policy? 

Theories of American Foreign Policy. 

How would we explain the United States' decision to intervene in Iraq in the light of the theory? 

Domestic determinants of Foreign Policy. What is the role of internal factors in Foreign Policy formulation? 

Transatlantic relations and US foreign policy. 

The US Foreign Policy in Russia. Are Russia and the US in the new Cold War? 

The US Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific. What are the current challanges facing the US position in the Asia-Pacific? 

The US Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Whe the US should care about the Middle East? 

Aims of the course: 

The main objective of the course is to provide knowledge about the international activity of the United States.

Teaching methods: 

Seminar, tutorial

Evaluation & Completion: 

- semester paper (individual or group), 

- oral presentation (individual or group), 

- monitoring attendance and progress on the course subject matter, 

- semester paper (individual or group), 

- presentation (individual or group), 

Basic Literature: 

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Additional Literature: 

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